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  • 1、eternal truths will be neither true nor eternal unless they have fresh meaning for every new social situation . 永恒的真理如果不在新的社会形势下赋予新的意义,要么就不是真理,要么就不是永恒的。
  • 2、we have no more right to consume happiness without producing it than to consume wealth without producing it .正像我们无权只享受财富而不创造财富一样,我们也无权只享受幸福而不创造幸福。
  • 3、an idle youth, a needy age. 少壮不努力,老大徒伤悲。
  • 4、while there is life there is hope. 一息若存,希望不灭。
  • 5、a thousand-li journey is started by taking the first step. 千里之行,始于足下。
  • 6、sometimes your plans don’t work out because god has better ones.有时候,你的计划不奏效,是因为上天有更好的安排。
  • 7、when there’s no expectation, losing won’t bring hurt, gaining makes you surprised.不去期望。失去了不会伤心,得到了便是惊喜。
  • 8、cheerfulness is the best promoter of health.快乐最利于健康。
  • 9、all things are difficult before they are easy. 凡事先难后易。
  • 10、where there is life, there is hope. 生命不息,希望常在。
  • 11、nothing is difficult to the man who will try. 世上无难事,只要肯登攀。
  • 12、do what you say,say what you do 做你说过的,说你能做的
  • 13、all things come to those who wait. 苍天不负有心人
  • 14、having a calm smile to face with being disdained indicates kind of confidence.被轻蔑的时候能平静的一笑,这是一种自信。
  • 15、the good seaman is known in bad weather.惊涛骇浪,方显英雄本色。
  • 16、if you would go up high , then use your own legs! do not let yourselves carried aloft; do not seat yourselves on other people’s backs and heads . 如果你想走到高处,就要使用自己的两条腿!不要让别人把你抬到高处;不要坐在别人的背上和头上。
  • 17、do not, for one repulse, forgo the purpose that you resolved to effor.不要只因一次挫败,就放弃你原来决心想达到的目的。
  • 18、towering genius disdains a beaten path.it seeks regions hitherto unexplored.卓越的天才不屑走旁人走过的路。他寻找迄今未开拓的地区。
  • 19、i can make it through the rain. i can stand up once again on my own. 我可以穿越云雨,也可以东山再起(mariah carey-through the rain)
  • 20、nothing for nothing. 不费力气,一无所得。
  • 21、miracles sometimes occur, but one has to work terribly for them.奇迹有时候是会发生的,但是你得为之拼命地努力。
  • 22、never underestimate your power to change yourself! 永远不要低估你改变自我的能力!
  • 23、you can’t have a better tomorrow if you don’t stop thinking about yesterday.如果你无法忘掉昨天,就不会有一个更好的明天。
  • 24、success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.成功是,你即使跨过一个又一个失敗,但也沒有失去热情。
  • 25、friendship is like earthenware: once broken, it can be mended; love is like a mirror: once broken, that ends it. 友谊就像陶器,破了可以修补;爱情好比镜子,一旦打破就难重圆。
  • 26、there is no paradise on earth equal to the union of love and innocence.人间最大的幸福莫如既有爱情又清白无暇。
  • 27、a relationship should be between two people, not the whole world.爱情是两个人的事,与旁人无关。
  • 28、the man who has made up his mind to win will never say "impossible".凡是决心取得胜利的人是从来不说“不可能”的。
  • 29、all things in their being are good for something. 天生我材必有用。
  • 30、there is no such thing as a great talent without great will-power.没有伟大的意志力,便没有雄才大略。
  • 31、if your happiness depends on what somebody else does, i guess you do have a problem.如果你的快乐与否取决于别人做了什么,我想,你真的有点问题。
  • 32、how much truth of heart in one’s life is told in a joke一辈子,有多少真心话,是以玩笑的方式说了出去?
  • 33、the man who has made up his mind to win will never say "impossible ". 凡是决心取得胜利的人是从来不说“不可能的”。
  • 34、today, give a stranger one of your smiles. it might be the only sunshine he sees all day.今天,给一个陌生人送上你的微笑吧。很可能,这是他一天中见到的唯一的阳光。
  • 35、better late than never. 迟做总比不做的好。
  • 36、i will greet this day with love in my heart. 我要用全身心的爱来迎接今天
  • 37、a great man is always willing to be little. 伟大的人物总是愿意当小人物的。
  • 38、happy is the man who is living by his hobby. 醉心于某种癖好的人是幸福的。
  • 39、i can live for two months on a good compliment. mark twain , american writer 只凭一句赞美的话我就可以充实地活上两个月。
  • 40、god helps those who help themselves. 天助自助者。
  • 41、i love it when i catch you looking at me then you smile and look away.我喜欢这样的时刻:我抓到你正在看我,你笑了,然后害羞地别过脸去。
  • 42、never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. 今日事, 今日毕。 nothing is impossible to a willing heart. 心之所愿, 无所不成。
  • 43、i am a slow walker,but i never walk backwards. 我走得很慢,但是我从来不会后退。
  • 44、a man is not old as long as he is seeking something. a man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams. 只要一个人还有追求,他就没有老。直到后悔取代了梦想,一个人才算老。
  • 45、if they throw stones at you, don’t throw back, use them to build your own foundation instead.如果别人朝你扔石头,就不要扔回去了,留着作你建高楼的基石。

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